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Flexible and mobile working is hot. Unsurprisingly, if you consider the many benefits. They strengthen your market position as a company and enhance your attractiveness as an employer. As today’s employee wishes to determine his own work schedule in order to create a better work-life balance. Studies prove that the combination of freedom and responsibility makes for considerably more motivated, happier and productive employees.

How will you manage this new freedom? We believe that performance management can be successfully combined with the freedom today’s staff require. We unite the world of the manager and the employee, helping both parties to reach their goals. With our software you create order in the chaos of flexible working.

TimEnterprise helps you plan, control and manage work time in a smart and effective way. Employees schedule - within company regulations - their own working hours and working place and Tim provides them with structure and clarity. With Tim, people have an objective to work forward to. What is important is that the job is completed at the set time, not where it has been completed. Hours no longer slip through your staff’s fingers. And they can show you exactly what they have been doing. Result-driven and very motivating for all parties! Freedom becomes manageable and measurable. After all, what matters is performance, not attendance.

With TotalMobile you can work anywhere and anytime. No matter what company process, mobile platform or device. TotalMobile makes work for anyone who needs to take care of business on the spot more productive, more efficient and more fun. That is a great benefit for staff and organization.

No matter how you envision flexible and mobile working, with our software you anticipate any changes tomorrow might bring. We make sure managers and staff can manage their work and their  lives both successfully and with pleasure. And that is exactly what we want to achieve with our software.

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